Antivirus Protection

  • Introduction

    Antivirus Protection Is Only The Start

    Antivirus protection is the most common computer security solution deployed by most businesses, but it is not the only IT solution that should be deployed, in fact it is only small percentage of what you really need if you are serious about combatting the security threats to your business.

  • Protection

    Why Do You Need Antivirus Protection?

    In case your computer or IT network is attacked by a virus, it can affect you in a following way:

    • Slow down your computers
    • Damage or delete files
    • Reformat hard disks
    • Frequent computer crashes
    • Loss of data
    • Lock up your computer or the internet
  • The solution

    How We Protect It Using The Most Up to Date Antivirus Protection

    The Silver Cloud Business has helped businesses with antivirus protection in Wiltshire, Hampshire, Dorset and the UK. We use the most up to date software to ensure that your computers are protected through various processes:

    • Real-Time Protection - using behaviour-based protection, monitoring the computer to see if there are any changes in how it is being used.
    • Boot-Time Scanning - If a virus is complex enough, and if the operating system is active, it can duplicate itself when you delete it. However, once you initiate a boot-time scan, your antivirus program will shut down your operating system and restart the computer. Any viruses found in the scanning process will be unable to avoid deletion.
    • Scanning of Individual Files - You can scan any new file or program before otherwise interacting with it whether as an email or a download. You can prevent wide-scale invasions of viruses by simply scanning suspicious files before you open them. 
    • Protection of Sensitive Information – Some viruses can use a computer as a relay for other forms of malware. You can transmit these viruses to other.

    Many antivirus products are part of a collective suite of tools that provide a more comprehensive set of protection tools and layers for your business including malware protection, ransomware protection, email securityfirewalls and encryption solutions.

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