Email Security

  • Introduction

    What Is Email Security?

    Email is one of the primary means of communication between businesses and customers. Email security uses different techniques for keeping sensitive information in email and accounts secure. GDPR requires all companies to protect personal data in all its forms which is why it's important to have a secure email solution.


  • Protection

    Why You Need Email Security?

    With businesses communicating more through email the usual baggage of people are trying to exploit this through different types of attack:

    • Spam – unwanted email, usually unsolicited trying to sell things or entice users.
    • Phishing – socially engineered email trying to trick a user into sharing details by claiming to be from a trusted source when it isn’t, usually something like an email claiming to be from the taxman or from the bank needing the recipient to re-enter their details by clicking a link to take them to a page that looks genuine but isn’t.
    • Spear Phishing – less random and more targeted form of phishing where the attacker has more detailed information about the recipient so can make a more focused attack that will likely have more success such as providing information that the recipient would assume has come from a trusted source such as a colleague or business partner.
    • Payload – attachments in emails that contain a security threat masquerading as something else such as an invoice that is a PDF file but that contains a computer security threat such as ransomware or viruses.
  • The solution

    Our Approach to Email Security

    The techniques used in email filtering will determine how effectively mail is routed. At The Silver Cloud Business we use a combination of the following techniques to help you achieve secure email:

    • Reputation-Based Email Filters - Attempts to stop spam or allow legitimate email by filtering out known spammers or approving trusted senders based on reputation databases.
    • Whitelisting - Gives businesses the capability to determine which senders they accept email from by adding them to a list.
    • Blacklisting - Provides businesses the opportunity to determine which senders they want to block email from by adding them to a list.
    • Anti-virus – Your antivirus protection will help stop new and existing viruses and other forms of malicious code entering your system.
    • Content Analysis – Gives businesses the ability to block an email based on the content. E.g. If a message contains certain words, the content filter can determine that it is a spam message. Another example is if the message contained an attachment and the business doesn’t want to let it through. 

    With such a large attack surface with email it is imperative to make sure it is secure with an email threat filtering solution that helps to prevent attack. We've helped countless businesses with email security in Wiltshire, Hampshire and Dorset and we can help yours too.

    Why not contact our business IT support today on 01722 411999 to see how we can provide you with secure email.

Featured Case Study

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    Tech tip - Outlook - receive important notifications only

    If you would like Outlook to only alert you when important emails arrive, here is how to do it:

    This involves a custom alert rule being setup for specific people who you feel are important and want to be notified about, for example Customers, mangers or the big boss!

    To set up a custom alerting rule:

    • Open Outlook
    • Locate an email from the person you want an alert from
    • Right-click the email
    • Select Rules
      • Create Rule
      • Switch on the checkbox by the sender’s name
      • Choose “Display In The New Item Alert Window” and/or “Play A Selected Sound”
      • Choose the sound file to play for the alert
      • Click ‘OK’ to set the rule

    Repeat the process for the other contacts you would like to receive alerts for...

    To set up a custom rule for a whole domain:

    • Click the Home tab
    • click on Rules
    • Manage Rules & Alerts
    • Click “New Rule”
    • Select “Apply Rule On Messages I Receive” and click the “Next” button
    • Scroll down and select “With Specific Words In The Sender’s Address”
    • Click the underlined “Specific Words” (underlined)
    • Add the domain you need to receive alerts for ( then OK
    • The domain will replace “Specific Words”
    • Click “Next”
    • Choose whether you require a sound played, an alert displayed, or both
    • Click “Finish”
    • In “Rules and Alerts”, click “Apply” to turn on the rule
    • You will then get notifications if an email comes from the specific domian
    Tech tip - Outlook - receive important notifications only

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