Office Space Planning

  • Introduction

    The Importance of Office Space Planning

    It may not seem like much of a job to plan an office however one thing that is often overlooked is how well the technology will work in the office space. This can be things like what are the acoustics and lighting like in the conference room, or is there enough network coverage, both wired and wireless?

    It is far easier to invest a little time at the start of an office refit to allow flexible working rather than having to retrospectively adjust things once all the partitions are up, desks are already laid out and people are using the spaces.

  • Our approach

    We Offer a Wealth of Experience With Helping Business Commission New Office Spaces

    We have extensive knowledge in designing IT network infrastructure and capacity, both for wired and internal wireless and guest wireless usage. We can also offer advice and support on the design of specialist computer services areas such as communication rooms and server rooms.

    Our team can help ensure there is sufficient capacity and redundancy built into the design and also allow for future changes by ensuring the implementation is flexible enough for change meaning that floor plans can change and the IT network infrastructure can be flexible enough to adapt and change with the plans.

  • Our solutions

    Don’t Forget Your Meeting and Conference Rooms During Office Space Planning

    We can also help with designing your audio-visual requirements for meeting and conference rooms:

    • Ensuring that the correct lighting and acoustics are in place to get the maximum benefit from the AV equipment.
    • Are there enough microphones to support the number of seats?
    • Checking the number of reflective surfaces that cause issues with the audio such as faded echoes when on conference.

    We can help design and test these spaces, do an acoustic audit and ensure there is enough baffling or dampening in place to provide the best AV experience for your business.

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