Integrate PBX Calls Into Microsoft Teams

  • Introduction

    Why Should We Integrate Our PBX Calls Into Microsoft Teams?

    A lot of businesses have invested in a phone system in house, something called a Private Branch eXchange or PBX and are quite often tied into long term call contracts. This means that a lot of companies think they are stuck with how their phone system is implemented but this is not the case and The Silver Cloud Business can help you get a more flexible phone system by integrating your in house PBX with Microsoft Teams.

  • The solution

    How We Can Help You Integrate Your PBX Calls Into Microsoft Teams

    The Silver Cloud Business has partnered with Qunify Call2Teams to provide a monthly subscription-based service on a flexible 30-day rolling contract. You can use this service to incorporate business phone systems into Microsoft Teams, something that used to be out of reach for small and medium sized businesses.

    Microsoft teams displayed on phone and laptop devices.

  • The benefits

    Why Integrating Your PBX Calls Into Microsoft Teams Is the Best Solution for Business

    • You can work from anywhere with an internet connection but still make and receive calls from work but instead of using a phone, you can use Microsoft Teams for making and receiving calls.
    • It allows you to make and receive business calls using your existing number and existing call plans.
    • Call2Teams is a subscription service with a 30 day rolling contract, you can flex up and down consumption as you need it and it bolts into almost all modern phone systems meaning you can extend your company phone system to your computers and mobiles that are running the Microsoft Teams client.
    • Microsoft Teams just becomes an extension of your phone system so you can make and receive calls as you would in the office but by using Microsoft Teams client, either on your desktop computerlaptop or mobile.
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The Silver Cloud Business Can Help Transform How Your Business Operates and Collaborates.

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