IT Security Policy

  • Introduction

    Why Does Your Business Need An IT Security Policy?

    In most computer operating systems, there is the ability to login to the computer so that it retrieves the user’s configuration, settings and data. This is called a profile, however in most cases, out of the box, a profile is insecure and grants the user far too much in terms of privilege and the ability to make changes, install software, extract data which can have catastrophic consequences for the businesses computer security.

  • The solution

    IT Security Policy Protects Your IT System and Maintains Consistency In Your Business

    An IT security policy identifies the rules and procedures for all individuals accessing and using the companies  IT systems.

    • Using profiles that are configured by security policies, policies that remove the ability of the user to do certain things, policies that change the behaviour of the computer or enable features such as encryption and policies that configure the computer for the work place such as automatically installing software or setting up peripherals such as printers automatically.
    • Deploying policies to secure each user within their profile and can help an organisation prevent costly security incidents and even if there is a breach or incident, the regulator will be far more lenient if there have been changes to secure the user profiles.
    • Policies need to be configured correctly otherwise they can have consequences we could compare to locking the keys inside the safe, which is a situation that any business does not want to find themselves in.
  • Our approach

    We Can Design and Implement an IT Security Policy That's Secure, Balanced and Functional.

    We can help understand and shape a businesses’ security and regulatory requirements. Our experienced business IT support engineers will help design and implement an IT security policy that will provide the right level of role based access balanced with the right security requirements. This will provide a secure, functional and controlled computer environment.

    We've helped numerous companies with their  IT security policy in Wiltshire, Hampshire, and Dorset. It’s in our interest to help secure your business too.

Featured Case Study

  • Sector / Category 01

    Tech tip - Outlook - receive important notifications only

    If you would like Outlook to only alert you when important emails arrive, here is how to do it:

    This involves a custom alert rule being setup for specific people who you feel are important and want to be notified about, for example Customers, mangers or the big boss!

    To set up a custom alerting rule:

    • Open Outlook
    • Locate an email from the person you want an alert from
    • Right-click the email
    • Select Rules
      • Create Rule
      • Switch on the checkbox by the sender’s name
      • Choose “Display In The New Item Alert Window” and/or “Play A Selected Sound”
      • Choose the sound file to play for the alert
      • Click ‘OK’ to set the rule

    Repeat the process for the other contacts you would like to receive alerts for...

    To set up a custom rule for a whole domain:

    • Click the Home tab
    • click on Rules
    • Manage Rules & Alerts
    • Click “New Rule”
    • Select “Apply Rule On Messages I Receive” and click the “Next” button
    • Scroll down and select “With Specific Words In The Sender’s Address”
    • Click the underlined “Specific Words” (underlined)
    • Add the domain you need to receive alerts for ( then OK
    • The domain will replace “Specific Words”
    • Click “Next”
    • Choose whether you require a sound played, an alert displayed, or both
    • Click “Finish”
    • In “Rules and Alerts”, click “Apply” to turn on the rule
    • You will then get notifications if an email comes from the specific domian
    Tech tip - Outlook - receive important notifications only

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