Business IT Support

  • Introduction

    Our Business IT Support Is for Businesses Like Yours

    IT is fantastic when it is doing what it is meant to but there are times when computers don’t do quite what you’re expecting them to, it may be an update has changed the look or feel of the computer or application or it could be something unexpected like a hardware failure that has caused the issues.

  • Our approach

    What Our Business IT Support Can Do for You

    The Silver Cloud Business offers three levels of business IT support to ensure that your business runs smoothly, these are:

    • IT Helpdesk Support – where we keep track of all problems and resolutions.
    • Remote IT Support – where we can provide assistance, pretty much immediately, to help get your IT systems back in order. 
    • Automated IT Support and Monitoring – which is part of our managed service offering where we can predict potential issues before they happen and tackle them or be notified of any issues such as an internet outage so we can diagnose the fault and get your business up and running much faster.

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