SharePoint Migration

  • Introduction

    When Your Business Moves to The Cloud - Remember Data Migrations

    As more and more businesses migrate to Microsoft 365 (Office 365), one of the elements usually left until last, with very little planning, is the data migration, if at all. Office 365 can provide a business with exceptional benefits if the data is hosted in the cloud. But a lot of businesses struggle to understand the best way of utilising online storage and collaboration tools.

  • Where is your data

    Data Stores Which Need To Be Considered In SharePoint Data Migrations

    • OneDrive – typically used for personal or non-business data that doesn’t need to be shared within the company, usually unstructured data that will not impact the business if lost.
    • Microsoft Teams – typically used for project or departmental collaboration workspaces where people can share and collaborate on data both internally and externally to the company. An effective way of collating files, data and team conversations as well as integrating tools and applications in the channels.
    • SharePoint – typically used for company wide data and collaboration, predominantly for internal usage only and can be configured as data sites and communications sites.
    • Email – whilst not recommended as a file repository, email still holds data that is often prudent to the company.

    The top three repositories, OneDrive, Microsoft Teams and SharePoint all share the same platform, namely SharePoint. All the data sits in one place making management of the data far simpler.

  • Our approach

    How We Can Ensure A Seamless SharePoint Migration

    The trick is getting the company data into these repositories, namely SharePoint. It’s important to design it and import it in such a way that it brings more value to the business whilst maintaining security boundaries needed for sensitive data such as financial or HR data.

    The Silver Cloud Business offers expert business IT support which has helped numerous businesses and organisations in Wiltshire, Hampshire and Dorset with data migrations. As part of the cloud migration process we migrate their data into SharePoint, Microsoft Teams and OneDrive and reorganising data into specified repositories to help businesses maximise their data.

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