Network Equipment

  • Introduction

    What Network Equipment Do We Need?

    Wired or wireless networking or a combination of both? There is often confusion between the two and there are many benefits and disadvantages to both around performance, computer security as well as installation and we can guide you through these to ensure you have the right network solution for your business, as misunderstood decisions have the potential to be costly.

  • Our approach

    Wired and Wireless Network Experts

    Our IT support engineers have many years of experience installing configuring and supporting network infrastructure. We can install wired networks which include network switches, routers and firewalls and we can also configure your network so that it has virtual local area network segments or vLANs.

    We can also help design configure and install wireless networks which include undertaking a physical survey to determine how many more wireless access points are required to give you the best coverage in your workspace.

  • Our solutions

    Our Preferred Suppliers of Network Equipment

    We predominantly supply Netgear, Cisco, Zyxel and DrayTec networking equipment. We've worked with businesses to find the right network equipment in Wiltshire, Hampshire and Dorset by discussing specific requirements. Whilst we supply the above, we can supply and support many other vendors’ products.

    We can also help design and implement virtual private networks linking your business offices together and providing your staff with secure remote access into your company if need be.

    Other products we can supply include:

Featured Case Study

The Silver Cloud Business Can Help Transform How Your Business Operates and Collaborates.

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