Cloud Phone Systems (SIP / VoIP)

  • Introduction

    Why Change to a Cloud Phone System?

    Have you ever been on a telephone call where the person you are speaking to suddenly sounds like a dalek?

    Traditional VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) solutions that use traditional internet connections are unreliable, there is no way to guarantee call quality which is why the calls often sound poor. Data sent over the internet doesn’t guarantee the data arrives in the same order that it is sent, which is why the call quality often suffers.

  • The solution

    How Cloud Phone Systems (SIP/VoIP) Have Raised the Bar

    Changing the protocol used by business telephone systems means that the provider can ensure the voice signal is sent and received in the correct order making for better call quality and it means that you can do multiple point to point calls allowing for group calls.

  • Our approach

    Our Choice for Cloud Phone Systems

    The Silver Cloud business uses Openscape Business from Unify . Openscape Business brings businesses all the traditional telephony features in a rich unified communications platform.

    We've helped countless businesses move to cloud phone systems in Wiltshire, Hampshire and Dorset. Contact our IT support for more information and advice on how we can help you too. There a many cloud phone systems out there but here's the benefits of Openscape Business:

    • Scalable up to 300 handsets and can use either a desk phone or a soft client on a PC or mobile.
    • Company auto attendant (press 1 for sales, 2 for support etc)
    • Choice of desk phone
    • “All you can eat” calls
    • Voice recording
    • Contact centre
    • Operator console
    • Use anywhere
    • 99.9% uptime guarantee
    • Dedicated 24*7 support
    • Fully integrates with Microsoft Teams giving your staff the best in class in hosted telephone system.

Featured Case Study

The Silver Cloud Business Can Help Transform How Your Business Operates and Collaborates.

Contact us today for more information or advice about Cloud Phone Systems (SIP / VoIP) and how it can help benefit your business.