Hot Desking Solutions

  • Introduction

    Hot Desking Solutions Offer The Best of Both Worlds

    Businesses are reassessing their office space needs with a more flexible working approach and looking at density of seats vs staff. A full-time work from home solution may not be the best for everyone but businesses increasingly want to offer a flexible working opportunity to their teams. Hot desk solutions (or hot desking) offer a flexible in-office solution which alongside occasional home working can maintain a cost-efficient approach to office space and maximise business collaboration.

  • The benefits

    How A Hot Desking Solution Can Benefit Everyone

    Flexible working practices are allowing businesses to adopt different ways of working with a more agile environment, and by implementing a desk and resource booking solution it enables staff to easily find a workspace that matches their needs or project requirements.

    Flexible working allows staff to move away from traditional departmental seating towards more collaboration and team-oriented placements.

  • The solution

    How We Can Make a Hot Desking Setup Work for You

    We've worked with businesses to setup hot desking in Wiltshire, Hampshire and Dorset. We can work with you to create an online booking system allowing your team to book meeting rooms, desks and other resources allowing efficient sharing of resources while also allowing flexibility of how and where they work.

    Our experienced business IT support team will work with you to create collaborative workspaces through Microsoft 365 (Office 365), as well as working with your existing PBX phone system and integrating this into Microsoft Teams which allows your team to work from anywhere in the office and still retain their own extension, so they aren’t tied to a particular workspace because of their phone line.

Featured Case Study

The Silver Cloud Business Can Help Transform How Your Business Operates and Collaborates.

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