Remote IT Support

  • Introduction

    Why Would You Need Remote IT Support?

    Remote IT support can be as simple as a telephone call to our helpline and our business IT support engineers providing help over the phone, without being in front of the computer that needs attention. But it can also mean Remote Control Support, which means our IT support engineers temporarily “Connecting” the computers so we can see your screen on our own computers and can control your mouse and keyboard.

  • Our solutions

    Flexible Remote IT Support Solutions

    By controlling your mouse and keyboard it makes it much easier to provide you with IT technical support. It’s quicker and much less stressful and all you need is a working internet connection for it to work.

    The Silver Cloud Business uses two remote IT support tools depending on the level of support required:

    DATTO - A remote IT support and monitoring tool we use as part of our managed service.

    • This tool allows us to remotely support and fix most problems, even if a computer appears not to be functioning, we can still connect and fix the problem.
    • We also use this tool for remote IT support of servers where we may need to do work out of hours, such as apply software updates and security patches, which we can do without causing disruption to the business.

    LOGMEIN123 – Used for remote IT support with clients who do not want to be on our managed service.

    • Allows us to connect by invitation where the client will instigate a remote support session by going to the Logmein123 portal, call in The Silver Cloud Business and requesting a remote IT support code which our engineers will give out. Once the code has been entered, the support engineer will be able to establish a onetime connection to assist with fixing the problem.
    • Once the connection has been closed it cannot be re-established without another invitation from the client.

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