Computer Security

  • Introduction

    The Need for Good Computer Security for Your Business

    Computer security (also know as cyber security or IT security) threats change and evolve which is why it is imperative that businesses are protected by products that also change and adapt to combat the computer security threats.

  • The challenge

    The More Connected the Greater the Need for Computer Security

    We do business in a connected world which makes for easier businesses to reach out and interact with customers, but it also makes them more vulnerable to attack and exploitation.

  • The solution

    It's About Layering Your Computer Security

    It is imperative for businesses to have comprehensive suites providing layers of computer security. It doesn’t matter if you have an anti-virus package if your computer gets ransomware and the antivirus protection doesn’t stop it then IT security has been compromised. Likewise, if you have an ransomware protection but your IT network has poor IT security and your data is hacked, computer security has been compromised.

  • Accountability

    All Data Breaches Must Be Reported - Data Security Is Being Taken Very Seriously

    This all changed, on 25th May 2018 GDPR, the general data protection regulation which had been law since 14th April 2016, was finally implemented and came into effect.

    Businesses are now legally bound to notify the regulator (the Information Commissioners Office in the UK) if there is a computer security breach and any personal or private data is compromised. If a business is found to have not implemented sufficient computer security measures to protect data, they are liable for some significant fines which could break a business both financially and through loss of reputation with clients.

    Who wants to do business with a company that doesn’t care about keeping their client data secure?

  • Our approach

    Computer Security Products To Cover Every Angle

    Computer security encompasses a broad spread of products that have to interoperate in order to provide an effective defence, it’s no use buying one product and expecting it to do everything. We'v helped businesses like yours to combat computer security in Wiltshire, Hampshire, Dorset and across the UK.

    Our professional team of IT engineers will help you decide on the right computer security products for your business.

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