Invocation Testing

  • Introduction

    What Is Invocation Testing?

    There is no point in having a disaster recovery plan or business continuity plan if it's not being tested. The only way to determine if your business continuity plan or your disaster recovery plan works is to test it and to test it regularly.

  • Our approach

    How We Can Help You Carry Out Your Invocation Testing for Your Business

    The Silver Cloud Business can help you test your business continuity plan and disaster recovery plan with a trial invocation. This means that we will assist in running through the plan to ensure that it will work in the time of need.

    The Silver Cloud Business has helped many businesses in Wiltshire, Hampshire, Dorset and throughout the UK test both business continuity and disaster recovery plans. As part of our business IT support we can provide temporary IT equipment and hosting services to run test invocations of your plans. Your business can ensure the plans work and not only that they work but that you can revert to normal working practises after a disaster is over.

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