Business Continuity Plan

  • Introduction

    The Business Continuity Plan

    The scouts have the right motto: Be prepared. The same advice can be given to any business in terms of creating and maintaining a business continuity plan. A business continuity plan is like a parachute, you hope you’ll never need it but if you do, you’ll be grateful you had it, or if you don’t have one, you won’t need it ever again.

  • The solution

    Business Continuity Plan for All Aspects of Business

    Not only should there be a plan, but it needs to be regularly tested to ensure that it is still fit for purpose as the business grows and adapts to new IT technology and ways of working.

    A business continuity plan contains IT strategies for handling IT disruptions to networks. However, it should cover all aspects of the business not just the IT side of things. This should include things like alternate buildings where the business could relocate in the event of the disaster and include the transfer of services such as business telephone systems and Internet.

    The Silver Cloud Business, based in Salisbury, Wiltshire, through our IT consulting, IT support, software and cloud-based solutions we can help your business with its business continuity plan. We have had the pleasure to work with a number of businesses in Wiltshire, Hampshire, Dorset and throughout the UK to plan for the worse.

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