Working Together

  • Introduction

    Working Together In Business Whilst Being Apart

    Working together in business produces enormous benefits but with the help of IT technology it's far easier to work together whilst being apart. What do I mean by this, well if there is one thing the businesses found out from Covid-19 is that staff working from home when more productive especially if they could work with other members of staff on projects.

    Staff were able to adapt quickly to new ways of working which has surprised a lot of business owners but given the right tools they were able to change how they worked and interacted with colleagues.

  • The benefits

    Working Remotely Benefited By Working Together

    Working from home has proven to have a great deal of benefits to businesses including:

    • Better Work-Life Balance
    • Less Commute Stress
    • Location Independence
    • Improved Inclusivity
    • Money Savings for Employees and Employers
    • Positive Environmental Impact

    By ensuring your team can still work together easily and facilitate collaboration your business maximise the benefits of working remotely and ensuring optimum productivity and allowing your team to stay connected both in their working relationships as well as keeping projects on track.

  • Our approach

    Working Together In Business to Support The New Normal

    The Silver Cloud Business has helped an awful lot of businesses in Wiltshire, Hampshire, Dorset and throughout the UK change the ways in which they worked at the start of lockdown. We helped a lot of businesses move to Microsoft 365 which gave their staff additional collaboration tools to help them work and collaborate. Businesses saw a significant increase in productivity by making this change and staff found easier ways of collaborating with each other by using the tools that were on offer.

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The Silver Cloud Business Can Help Transform How Your Business Operates and Collaborates.

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