On Premise PBX Phone System

  • Introduction

    What Is an On Premises PBX?

    Making and receiving telephone calls is a cornerstone of most businesses communication and often companies require phone systems in house to manage the complexity of the companies needs.

    A Private Branch Exchange (PBX) is a private telephone network used within a business where the users of the On premise PBX phone system can communicate internally (within their company) and externally (with the outside world), using different communication channels like Voice over IP, ISDN or analog.

  • The challenge

    How On Premise PBX Is Changing

    BT are retiring ISDN lines (the lines that allow multiple phone lines into a company), currently scheduled for September 2023, which means that you will need to start planning your migration away from traditional business telephone systems, and look to implement a new way of call delivery over the internet such as SIP trunks to replace the ISDN lines.

  • The solution

    Do You Need to Make a Change to Your On Premises PBX Set Up?

    Old phone systems are often incompatible with SIP or the manufacturer has stopped making the expansion cards to support SIP because they are developing new products. This means that you may need a new business phone system. If you would like to explore a new telephone system, let us help, we can gather your requirements and then find the best solution to fit those needs. We can offer advice on a number of different solutions including integrating your PBX calls into Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Phone Systems as well as Viegli Voice as our preferred business phone system supplier.

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