Business Collaboration

  • Introduction

    Business Collaboration

    Every business understands the benefits of being able to collaborate but until now it has been quite difficult for staff to be able to work on the same documents at the same time.

  • The solution

    How Microsoft 365 Can Support Business Collaboration

    Business collaboration tools such as Microsoft 365 means that staff can now work on the same documents at the same time using different collaboration tools for example one could use themes client to edit a document whilst another could use the Microsoft Word client to edit the same document. Each user being notified about the changes that the other user is making in real time.

    Microsoft has made business collaboration so much easier for businesses these days:

    • Microsoft Teams - Chat tools for your team to Instant message, make secure video calls and work remotely
    • Microsoft SharePoint -  This collaboration software allows you to publish sites, build an intranet, add team news, share documents and use secure storage
    • Microsoft 365 - More than just Microsoft Office applications it provides a suite of collaboration tools for business productivity

    The Silver Cloud Business has helped businesses collaborate in Wiltshire, Hampshire and Dorset reaping the benefits of better team work. These businesses are seeing a significant increase in productivity because staff can share ideas and collaborate easily no matter where their location is.

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