Computer Networks

  • Introduction

    What Is a Computer Network?

    A computer network can be extremely complex when you really look into it, but at a basic level it’s the idea of linking up computers so they can talk to one another. Sounds simple when you put it like that.

    You can do lots of things with a computer but, connect it up to other computers and additional equipment such as printers and scanners, you can do a lot more. A computer network is simply a collection of computer equipment that's connected with wires or wireless links so each can communicate and exchange data.

  • The solutions

    Types of Computer Network

    • PAN (Personal Area Network) - A single person computer network.
    • LAN (Local Area Network) - If you work in an office, you probably use this type of computer network, which is typically a few separate computers linked to one or two printers, a scanner, and maybe a single, shared connection to the Internet.
    • VPN (Virtual Private Network) – With flexible working and working from home becoming the new normal, this offers a secure way of accessing a private network over a public one.
    • Networks can be much bigger than this. At the opposite end of the scale, we talk about MANs (metropolitan area networks), which cover a whole town or city, and WANs (wide area networks), which can cover any geographical area. The Internet is a WAN that covers the entire world but, in practice, it's a network of networks as well as individual computers.
  • Our approach

    We Can Set Up a Computer Network to Suit Any Size of Business

    We can help you set up computer networks in any number of ways, as well as ensure you have a fast enough connection to power them. We can also ensure that the data that is travelling through your computer network is protected.

    There are a number of ways a good computer network can improve your company, some you may never have thought of. We’ve helped countless companies across Wiltshire, Hampshire, Dorset and the UK build new company networks.

    These are some of the services we are able to offer:

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