Ransomware Protection

  • Introduction

    Holding Your Data Hostage - The Need for Ransomware Protection

    One of the biggest shifts in threats to businesses came about with a new tactic by the hackers. Instead of infecting computer security, causing damage but getting limited amounts of revenue, hackers went after revenue by encrypting computers and withholding the encryption keys. This effectively locked all the data and often a business was faced with two choices. Pay up and get the encryption key to decrypt the data and get it back or restore systems from a backup with often the former being the choice a lot of businesses chose.

  • The solution

    How Ransomware Protection Works

    Like modern antivirus protection, ransomware protection looks for specific changes on a computer such as:

    • lots of disk writes happening which is what you would expect to see if something is encrypting files.
    • It then halts this process and restores the changes made, eradicating the actions of the ransomware.
    • Cleaning up of the code of the ransomware so it can’t be executed on the system again.
  • Our approach

    How We Protect Your Business With Ransomeware Protection

    The Silver Cloud Business has helped numerous businesses throughout Wiltshire, Hampshire and Dorset secure their data with ransomware protection. We typically provide anti-ransomware as part of the Sophos Intercept-x suite of tools, alongside malware protection and antivirus protection. By using anti-virus and anti-malware software or other IT security policies we can block known payloads from launching.

    Would customers be happy doing business with an organisation that doesn’t take data security seriously?

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