Malware Protection

  • Introduction

    Why Your Business Needs Malware Protection

    Anti malware software protects against infections caused by different types of malware. “Malware” is the general term covering all the different types of threats to your computer security. Malware is more annoying than troublesome in most cases, often being embedded into free downloads such as small applets like weather or news, most likely popping up ads by tracking your behaviour and accessing cookies from your browsing.

  • Protection

    Why Else Would You Need Malware Protection?

    Whilst malware is annoying it can also hide more malicious intent to your computer security such as:

    • Sharing tracking information about the computer
    • Changing settings such as your browser homepage
    • Redirecting users to a fake website and have data harvested or download even more malware that can include further threats or worse in additional payloads.
  • The solution

    How We Keep Malware Out of Your Computer System

    So, whilst some may say they can live with malware being on their computer system it is always better to have anti malware software to make sure that it isn’t there, because why live with something that is annoying and could give rise to something far worse?

    For malware protection we typically implement Sophos, part of the intercept-x suite of tools. For added cost effectiveness, Sophos Intercept-x also provides ransomeware protection and antivirus protection, an all in one solution.

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