Wired Networks

  • Introduction

    We Still Need Wired Networks

    Wired networks are still the backbone of most businesses IT infrastructure as wired connections provide reliable, high speed connections within the business that are also secure and less prone to external exploitation, unlike wireless, and far less likely to suffer from any form of interference.

    Wired network infrastructure is what allows most businesses to deploy other services such as wireless networks, they need to be connected to the wired infrastructure in most cases.

  • The challenges

    Your Wired Network Must Meet Your Business Needs

    A wired network needs to be designed properly to ensure that it is within the tolerances of the limits that are imposed on the physical infrastructure and that it can service the space in the way it was intended.

    Far too often we have encountered cables slung over the floor due to the a badly designed computer network that was not flexible enough to meet business growth or needs and so additional cabling has just be loosely run in, often causing a health and safety nightmare.

  • The solution

    We Ensure Flexibility and Future Proofing for Your Wired Network

    We've helped businesses design wired networks in Wiltshire, Hampshire and Dorset ensuring there is flexibility and additional capacity for future growth, this may add additional marginal costs to the project but it is far more cost effective in the long run as it provides additional flexibility and capacity when a business needs it, without the additional cost and disruption of trying to add capacity after the first installation. Which means the wired network will most likely be the oldest bit of infrastructure in the business when it is replaced.

  • Our approach

    Do You Need an Unmanaged or Managed Wired Network?

    What is more we can install unmanaged or managed network equipment to service the wired network.

    What is the difference between the two?

    • Unmanaged network devices just passively process network traffic and do not do much else.
    • Managed network devices have far more functionality and can provide more information about the network. They can be used to logically shape the network, prioritise traffic and provide better diagnostic information.

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