Network Firewalls

  • Introduction

    Do You Need a Firewall for Your Network?

    Network routers connect your business to networks and when most people think of firewalls, they think of a wall of protection that can stop viruses, malware, and hackers. Firewalls are meant to protect your business from untrusted networks but only if they are setup correctly.

  • The solution

    Firewalls’ Offer a Next Level of Security for Your Network

    To keep your network safe from malware, viruses and hackers you will need something more than just a basic router. A network firewall is a means to prevent intrusion into your computer network and to control traffic entering, leaving and traversing your network. Network firewalls can also be used to create different networks within an organisation such as internal, external and demilitarised zones (places where web facing services reside whilst limiting internal network exposure).

    Hardware firewall routers offer extra protection to keep your company's data safe.

  • Our approach

    Our Solution From the Simple to the Advanced - We Have a Network Firewall Solution for You

    For simple network address translation or a rules-based firewall solution, we would recommend DrayTek Firewalls. Sophos XG firewalls are our solution of choice for situations which require a rules-based approach across more advanced applications.

    If you would like help or advice on your network firewall configuration, please call 01722 411 999 and speak to one of our IT support engineers.

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