Recovery as a Service (RaaS)

  • Introduction

    Why We Need Recovery as a Service for Business

    Having a backup is great, but it should only really be relied on to help recover data that has been lost or corrupted or to go back to previous versions of a file.

    Backups are not great in disaster recovery scenarios because they can seldom get everything back in working order, especially data bases and directory services such as Microsoft Active Directory, or if you can, it takes a very long time to restore these and bring them online which can often have negative impact on a business, after all, a business that is offline and cannot trade will find the chances of recovery diminish by each hour they are offline.

  • The solution

    Recovery as a Service Can Get You Back Online In Minutes

    This is where recovery as a service (sometimes known as RaaS or Disaster Recovery as a Service) is your friend. RaaS enables a business or organisation to recover servers or applications back online in a matter of minutes in the event of a disaster, ensuring the business is up and running as quickly as possible. This then allows time for the original disaster to be resolved before recovering the service back to its original destination.

  • The benefits

    The Advantages of Disaster Recovery as a Service Are Obvious

    • The business or organisation doesn’t have to invest in expensive standby hardware and software that depreciates and needs periodic refreshing.
    • It is a service that can be enabled extremely quickly ensuring the business continues to function with minimal data loss and it ensures your business suffers no reputational damage in the event of a disaster.
    • Whilst clients can be sympathetic to the plight of a business, their priority is to ensure they don’t suffer as a result which can lead to a haemorrhaging of customers in the event of a disaster. If there is no loss of service to clients, they won’t leave which is why RaaS is vital to businesses that are committed to taking care of their customers.
  • Testimonial

    CQC Ltd has a long working relationship with The Silver Cloud Business for all our IT Network requirements and have trusted the team to assist with any issues we have. They have always been helpful and quick to respond when we have technical problems. We certainly recommend The Silver Cloud Business for all your IT needs.

    Davina Bevan, Finance Director, CQC Ltd, Barnstaple, Devon

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