Cloud Backup Solution

  • Introduction

    What is A Cloud Backup Solution for Business?

    A cloud backup solution is a backup of data, over an encryption connection, to a cloud-based host. It can be from servers you host, or it can be backups of data stored in other cloud servers or services such as Microsoft 365 (Office 365) including mailboxes and SharePointMicrosoft Teams and OneDrive.

  • The benefits

    What Can A Cloud Backup Solution Offer Your Business?

    The online backup is rules based so can be tasked to periodically merge changes between set dates to make a restore efficient in the amount of time it takes.

    The cloud backup solution is an agent that is installed either on local servers or is a cloud hosted service that is used to access cloud hosted services such as Office 365. The agent in both cases will monitor the environments and carry out continuous backups in the background.

  • Our approach

    We Can Provide Your Business With The Best Cloud Backup Solution

    The Silver Cloud Business has partnered with Acronis Cloud Backup to provide our customers with the most comprehensive and cost-effective cloud backup solution on the market providing granular backup solutions for clients that use a delta backup ensuring that the backup is as effective and up to date as possible.

    • What is a delta backup? A backup that monitors changes made from the last backup but not at a file level, a bit level.
    • What does this mean? Imagine if you had a large document and you change a couple of words in it. Instead of backup up the entire document, taking time and using more storage, a delta backup will backup the changed words and location in the document only making for a much more efficient, faster backup to the cloud.

    We've helped businesses in Wiltshire, Hampshire, Dorset and throughout the UK manage risk and the ability to recover after a disaster by implementing a cloud back up solution. 

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