Desktop Computers

  • Introduction

    Desktop Computers Still Have Their Place

    The Silver Cloud Business has seen a decline in the number of desktop computers being sold in recent years however this does not mean they are irrelevant. There are some applications or services that are best suited to running on a desktop computer such as a media control centre for broadcasting.

  • The benefits

    The Advantages of Desktop Computers

    They are easily upgradable so that more storage and memory can be installed.

    They also have greater air flow, so they can run faster processors and are better suited for processor hungry applications such as large spreadsheets or working with databases.

  • The challenges

    The Disadvantages of Desktop Computers

    They are not very portable, and this is often a trade-off that needs to be considered when looking at how much processing power is required in your work.

  • Our solution

    The Brands We Choose for Desktop Computers

    At The Silver Cloud Business, our preferred brand for Windows is Hewlett Packard however we are more than happy to work with your existing preferred suppliers. We can also supply Apple hardware for those using the macOS operating systems.

    Other products we can supply include:

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