Data Compliance

  • Introduction

    What Is Data Compliance? 

    Some industries and companies, such as financial services or the military, are governed by compliance which means they must comply to a set of rules and regulations specified by the regulator and or government bodies. Compliance in data management refers to people, information access, processes, storage and IT systems. Workflows and policies need to be put in place that show how data protection (GDPR) is achieved in your business.

  • The challenge

    Data Compliance Can Be A Field of Hoops To Jump Through

    Achieving data compliance can be a complicated business, often with the threat of fines or criminal prosecutions if there are lapses or breaches in IT systems however as compliance is mostly rules based, it can be fairly straight forward to achieve, so long as there is the right investment.

    Some regulators have more powers that others, depending on the industry they are governing. However, all businesses and organisations must comply with GDPR and the general data protection regulations.

  • Our approach

    How We Can Help You Meet Your Data Compliance Requirements

    The Silver Cloud Business, based in Salisbury, Wiltshire, has helped businesses and organisations within Wiltshire, Hampshire, Dorset and throughout the UK in various sectors including Charities, achieve data compliance within their IT systems from the very simple to the very complex.

    If you would like business IT support or would like us to speak about ensuring your business compliant with regulatory rules and policies, please get in touch.

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