Cloud Backup

  • Introduction

    One of the Most Valuable Resources a Business Has Is Its Data

    Often the intrinsic value is often overlooked, and data is just taken for granted. But could your business survive if some of all your data were lost?

  • The benefits

    Cloud Back up Can Prevent the Worst From Happening

    It is rare for any business to survive a catastrophic data loss, there is the loss of data and productivity, the business cannot function without being able to process information. There is the damage to the business’s reputation, will clients want to risk dealing with a company that can’t look after its data and then there is the lack of cashflow, how can a business function without knowing who and when to bill?

    Even if you already have cloud services, it doesn’t mean your data is safe. Whilst the cloud has built in redundancy, it doesn’t prevent data from accidentally being deleted, overwritten or from attack such as ransomware so it is imperative to have a robust backup.

  • Our approach

    Cloud Back up Can Prevent the Worst From Happening

    Do you have challenging Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) which is how long you can be down whilst recovering your data, and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) which is how much data you can afford to lose between backups?

    We can help you meet, and in most cases exceed, your RTO and RPO requirements, again for a lot less than you would typically expect for such a service.

    The Silver Cloud business has helped countless businesses with cloud backup in Wiltshire, Hampshire and Dorset. If you would like to discuss cloud backup services for your business or any other backup solutions then please contact our business IT support for more information and advice.

Featured Case Study

  • Sector / Charity

    Local Charity The Trussell Trust, Adopts Full Cloud Services in Salisbury


    Our Client 

    The Trussell Trust is a leading anti-poverty charity which supports a nationwide network of food banks. Together they provide emergency food and support to people locked in poverty and campaign for change to create a hunger free future where food banks are no longer needed. There are more than 1,200 food bank centres in the Trussell Trust’s network, roughly two thirds of all the food banks in the UK. The Trussell Trust supports these food banks to provide nutritionally balanced emergency food parcels to people in crisis who have been referred to them by advice agencies, GPs, schools, and others. Food banks also offer people support and guidance to help them resolve the crises they are facing.

    The Problem

    Inconsistent software across workstations and laptops, outdated servers and a need for a more flexible working environment

    The Trussell Trust was running a fully supported version of Windows server in a hypervisor environment with VM’s running Active Directory and Exchange 2010 and file shares.

    Workstations and laptops were running a mixture of Windows 7 and Windows 10 with Office 2010. A 2008 R2 terminal server was being used for remote access and was due to go out of support with Microsoft.

    The organisation wanted to get all IT systems, workstations, and laptops running supported software and the latest Microsoft Office applications.

    They also wanted to get away from the old version of Microsoft Exchange and move their files to the cloud and migrate into SharePoint to become less reliant on on-premise servers and remove the 2008 R2 Terminal server.

    The Solution

    Utilising the full suite of Microsoft Office tools to ensure consistency and efficiency 

    • A new Microsoft 365 tenant was created using the not-for-profit portal. AD Sync tool was installed into their on-prem environment and their Active directory was synced up with M365 in full hybrid mode.
    • Once all machines were upgraded, the email hosting on Exchange 2010 was migrated using the cutover migration process to cloud-based Exchange online. This was done with no email downtime for the users.
    • Once the mail was all cut over, the Exchange 2010 server was de-commissioned and switched off.
    • As soon as the Trussell Trust was able to proceed with the migration of files to SharePoint, this was done using the Microsoft SharePoint Migration Tool in a staged manner to avoid users not being able to access file shares.
    • Once each share was migrated it was made read-only on the on-premises systems for reference purposes only and to ensure continuity of data.
    • Microsoft Teams was also deployed during this stage to make every user experience much easier and more flexible.
    • The only exception to the SharePoint Migration was the Accounts files that were required to stay on-premises due to the accounting package in use. However, we were able to utilise the Direct Access system that was deployed earlier in the project to assist with remote access to this.

    The Outcome

    Fully supported and up-to-date in a Hybrid cloud environment

    The finished project meant that the organisation is now running its IT systems on fully supported software and operating systems, with the latest office applications in a Hybrid cloud environment. Staff are able to work much more efficiently moving forward with flexible working, with the majority of their systems fully cloud-based.

    Local Charity The Trussell Trust, Adopts Full Cloud Services in Salisbury

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