Wireless Networks

  • Introduction

    Wireless Networks Offer Increased Flexibility and Productivity

    Businesses depend on the internet, and with the opportunities that wireless networking offers that’s more relevant now than ever before. Not only does effective wireless networking enhance the experiences between you and your customers, but it can also provide other opportunities within the business by making communication more efficient between colleagues and other team members and by offering additional productivity tools.

  • The challenges

    Wireless Networks Come With Some Risks

    Wireless networks offer a great deal of flexibility in the places they reach however with these rewards come additional risks:

    • Wireless networks are common, often used in homes as well as businesses so there are a lot of networks out there, often overlapping in the same frequencies which can cause congestion. Wireless networks can be a security risk to a business unless they are configured correctly.
    • Wireless networks have various levels of encryption which is often very easy to break into with simple network tools that can be downloaded from the internet which is why it is important to ensure that a wireless network is secure, otherwise you could be letting anyone with a bit of skill into your network.
    • Unless your business is inside a Faraday cage, you can’t control how far your wireless network goes which means it is often available outside the boundaries of your offices.

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