SSL Certificates

  • Introduction

    What Is an SSL Certificate?

    Trusted SSL (secure socket layer) certificates allow the securing and interchange of data over an encrypted session, for example, if you do digital banking, you will see that website address starts with HTTPS and there is a padlock symbol in the browser. This shows that the connection to the browser is being secured using a certificate and that communication between the computer and the web server will be encrypted.

  • The benefits

    SSL Certificates Have Various Applications

    SSL certificates aren’t just for web browsers, they can be used in a multitude of ways in an IT infrastructure such as:

    • Encrypting virtual private networks (SSL VPN).
    • Establishing a secure identity of a computer (such as certificate authentication for accessing a wireless network).
    • Allow users secure remote access such as an encrypted remote desktop (RDP) session.
  • The solution

    We Can Support Your Business In It's SSL Certificates Provision

    At The Silver Cloud Business we've helped countless businesses with our IT support in Wiltshire, Hampshire and Dorset with requesting, installing and configuring SSL certificates for various use cases within their IT infrastructure.

    We have partnered with GeoTrust to provide our clients with trusted certificates for all their needs.

Featured Case Study

  • Sector / Category 01

    Tech tip - Outlook - receive important notifications only

    If you would like Outlook to only alert you when important emails arrive, here is how to do it:

    This involves a custom alert rule being setup for specific people who you feel are important and want to be notified about, for example Customers, mangers or the big boss!

    To set up a custom alerting rule:

    • Open Outlook
    • Locate an email from the person you want an alert from
    • Right-click the email
    • Select Rules
      • Create Rule
      • Switch on the checkbox by the sender’s name
      • Choose “Display In The New Item Alert Window” and/or “Play A Selected Sound”
      • Choose the sound file to play for the alert
      • Click ‘OK’ to set the rule

    Repeat the process for the other contacts you would like to receive alerts for...

    To set up a custom rule for a whole domain:

    • Click the Home tab
    • click on Rules
    • Manage Rules & Alerts
    • Click “New Rule”
    • Select “Apply Rule On Messages I Receive” and click the “Next” button
    • Scroll down and select “With Specific Words In The Sender’s Address”
    • Click the underlined “Specific Words” (underlined)
    • Add the domain you need to receive alerts for ( then OK
    • The domain will replace “Specific Words”
    • Click “Next”
    • Choose whether you require a sound played, an alert displayed, or both
    • Click “Finish”
    • In “Rules and Alerts”, click “Apply” to turn on the rule
    • You will then get notifications if an email comes from the specific domian
    Tech tip - Outlook - receive important notifications only

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