Microsoft 365 Collaboration Tools

  • Introduction

    Microsoft Collaboration Tools for Your Company

    Microsoft 365 is the collection of collaboration tools and applications that allow staff to share and work together effectively whilst allowing companies full control over the data.

    There is more to Microsoft 365 than a lot of people think, it is far more than just Microsoft Office applications.

  • The benefits

    Most Common Microsoft Collaboration Tools

    With so many Microsoft collaboration tools and applications at your disposal it can get quite confusing to know which tools are right for your company.

    • One Drive for Business - secure cloud storage app that lets you access and share files and collaborate anywhere on any device
    • Outlook Email - Create social network
    • Office 365 Groups - Shared workspace for email, conversations and files where group members can collectively get stuff done
    • Microsoft Teams - Chat tools for your team. Instant messaging, secure video chat and working remotely
    • Delve Boards - Group together and share related documents
    • SharePoint - Publishing sites, intranet, team news, document sharing, secure storage
    • Office 365 VideoYammer - Internal video sharing instead of using YouTube
    • Planner allows staff to create project plans
    • Whiteboard provides staff with a digital, shareable whiteboard with virtual pens
    • Forms allows businesses to create online forms and questionnaires
  • The solution

    Choosing The Correct Desktop and Collaboration Tools for Your Company

    Microsoft continues to adapt and evolve Microsoft 365, adding more functionality with regular updates, with a lot of online tools developed to enhance the familiar desktop Office applications.

    The Silver Cloud Business, based in Salisbury, Wiltshire, has helped companies throughout the UK with their IT setup and adopt the right desktop and collaboration tools to suit their business. As not every business is the same our experienced team will provide the correct IT support in deciding which tools are right for your company.

    More desktop and collaboration tools are added on a regular basis, so it is worth encouraging staff to check into their Microsoft 365 portal and see what is new.

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