Cloud Email Solutions

  • Introduction

    Why You Would Need a Cloud Email Solution

    Email is the primary communication tool at the heart of most businesses, but it is also the most vulnerable to exploitation as it is very difficult to control inbound messages or the behaviour of users.

    It can use up valuable time wading through an inbox full of SPAM if there are not measures in place and whilst Outlook has some junk mail capabilities it is not perfect,  it quite often generates false positives, if you are already an Outlook user and you look in your junk folder you will most likely find emails that you wouldn’t expect to see there.

  • The benefits

    Cloud Email Solution Helps You Manage Your Inbox While Keeping It Safe

    • It is designed to intercept SPAM and payloads that could compromise security.
    • Reduced likelihood of a false positive.
    • Uses a sophisticated way to see if emails meet the criteria that would flag it as SPAM.
    • Security platform analyses attack patterns in real time and can quickly flag if there is a malicious campaign taking place around the globe
  • Our approach

    Cloud Email Solutions for Your Business

    The Silver Cloud Business can offer a complete package of cloud email solutions that will keep your network safe including: antivirus protection, malware protection, ransomware protectionemail security and firewall security.

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The Silver Cloud Business Can Help Transform How Your Business Operates and Collaborates.

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