Firewall Security

  • Introduction

    Why Do We Need Firewall Security?

    Routers connect your business to computer networks and firewalls are meant to protect your business from untrusted networks but only if they are setup correctly.

    A firewall is a means of network security to prevent intrusion into your network and to control traffic entering, leaving and traversing your network. Firewalls can also be used to create different firewall networks within an company.

  • Our solution

    How Does Firewall Security Work?

    Simple Firewalls

    Firewalls are typically governed by rules, although some simpler firewalls just use network address translation (NAT) to hide the internal networks from external networks) and open ports which, whilst often sufficient for domestic use, are not always sufficient for business use, especially if the business is hosting its own IT systems that require some presentation to the internet and this is where more comprehensive rules-based firewalls are typically deployed.

    Rule Based Firewalls

    Rule based firewall security works across different layers of the OSI network protocol model allowing different layers to be queried and appropriate rules applied. This way a far more granular way of controlling inbound and outbound network traffic, adding better network security to your configuration.

  • Our approach

    From Simple To Complex Firewall Security, We have A Solution for Your Business

    We would recommend DrayTek firewalls for simple network address translation or rules-based firewall security solution. For the more advanced implementations that need a rules-based approach then Sophos XG firewalls are our solution of choice.

    We've helped and supported businesses with firewall security in Wiltshire and throughout the UK ti implement network security solutions. Why not contact our IT support and speak to one of our experienced IT engineers today!

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