Disaster Recovery Plan

  • Introduction

    What is a Disaster Recovery Plan?

    A disaster recovery plan outlines the steps that your business will take in the event of a disaster. This will include things such as the business recovery point objectives (how much data you would like to recover, can the business lose 5 minutes of work, an hour, a day etc.) and the recovery time objective (how long it will take to recover the business data and services, how long can the business afford to be down for).

  • The solution

    What Do You Need In Your Disaster Recovery Plan?

    The disaster recovery plan should also include a list of key contacts and personnel and their responsibilities in the recovery process. This will help with getting services, data and IT systems back online sooner if people have individual tasks that they're responsible for. It will also help with getting information out to clients that the business is recovering. If there is a known plan for how to communicate about the disaster and how the business has recovered from it this will help with customer confidence.

  • Our approach

    We Can Make Your Disaster Recovery Plan Put Your Mind at Rest

    The Silver Cloud Business, based in Salisbury. Wiltshire, can help your business develop a disaster recovery plan, we have many years of experience in helping businesses  within Wiltshire, Hampshire, Dorset and throughout the UK with disaster recovery and business continuity.

    If you would like help or advice or would like us to speak about disaster recovery planning, please call The Silver Cloud Business on 01722 411 999 and speak to one of our experienced IT consultants.

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