Automated IT Support and Monitoring

  • Introduction

    What Is Automated IT Support and Monitoring?

    Automated IT support and monitoring identifies potential problems within a business that can be rectified before they cause any issues. For example if a hard disk is starting to develop a fault, it can detect this and flag up a warning so that you can be notified and we can arrange for the hard disk to be replaced before it actually fails and loses data.

    These tools provide businesses with an additional layer of proactive IT support.

  • Our approach

    Industry Leading Automated IT Support Monitoring Tool

    The Silver Cloud Business provides businesses with IT support where we use industry leading Datto for our managed IT service which includes automated monitoring.

    This automated IT support monitoring tool provides us with an asset list for businesses on the managed IT service where we can enter the details of all components of the infrastructure that are under IT support, including IT network equipment such as routers switches and wireless access points, accessories such as printers and security devices such as firewalls.

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