Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

  • Introduction

    What is Data Prevention Loss?

    Whilst many companies work on trying to meet data protection (GDPR) guidelines and achieve compliance for their business they often forget about the other end of the spectrum. Data loss prevention (DLP and known as data leakage prevention) is what it says it is, a set of tools that improve IT security by trying to prevent data from escaping the control of the organisation of business.

  • The challenge

    Data Is Critical To Your Business So DLP Has To Be Too

    Data is extremely valuable to every company whether they appreciate it or not, take away the data and see how long a company survives, in fact, most businesses that lose their data fail if they cannot get it back within a week but what about those that unwittingly lose some of their data without knowing it has been lost? For example, if an unscrupulous employee were to go to the competition with a copy of the customer database or with product designs?

    It can leave by several means, and this list is not exhaustive:

    • By the business email
    • By personal email
    • By file sharing tools (Drop, Dropbox, personal OneDrive etc)
    • External storage (usb stick, external hard disk, writable CD / DVD etc)
    • Posting to websites
  • The solution

    DLP Is Complex We Can Help You Find The Best Configuration For Your Needs

    There are lots of tools out there that can be used for data security, it all depends on the business requirements and securing the many ways that data can leave.

    Therefore, it is becoming ever more important to deploy tools to protect the data within an company as it also protects against non-malicious incidents such as:

    • Accidentally sending information to the wrong person (which can be classified as a data breach by the regulator under GDPR).
    • Staff trying to be helpful by taking work home on a USB stick and losing it.
    • Leaving a copy on a member of staff’s personal computer which may be compromised with viruses or sold later with company data on the drive.

    But by implementing the right tools and an IT security policy the data can be protected and it can be made difficult for it to be maliciously or inadvertently copied or sent outside the companies control.

  • Our approach

    You Don't Need To Be A Bank To Afford DLP Security

    There are tools out there to manage your DLP however, they are notoriously expensive. As a Microsoft 365 (Office 365) customer you have access to their built-in security which the IT support experts at The Silver Cloud Business can configure for you. This is a complicated process requiring building a set of rules to provide the security engine with that it needs to be on the lookout for to prevent the data loss. 

    We will configure it to look for certain patterns such as account numbers, national insurance numbers, sort codes, credit card numbers, passport numbers and address blocks to name just a few. This would be a bespoke configuration based on the data stored and the potential leak sources identified for each individual business.

    Helping businesses with data loss prevention (DLP) in Wiltshire, Hampshire and Dorset is something that we have many year of combined experience in. Contact us today to add another level of data security to your IT setup.

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