Follow Me Services

  • Introduction

    What Are Follow Me Services?

    Follow me services are just what they sound like, services that follow you around when working in a smart office or at home, if you offer a working from home solution.

    This includes office phone, printing, data and applications. It also can include updating a digital map of the office to show other members of staff your location if used with a hot desking solution.

  • The benefits

    How Follow Me Services Work

    • Follow me services ensure your users have a consistent experience wherever they are sitting or working within the office.
    • This makes moving around more efficient as staff know they can have the same experience no matter where they choose to work from.
    • The nearest printer will be the one they can go to in order to get their print jobs.
    • Their office phone will be on their computer and their mobile.
    • All data and applications they need access to are accessible from the cloud.
  • Our solutions

    How We Can Help You Set Up Follow Me Services In Your Business

    The Silver Cloud Business had helped businesses with IT solutions in Wiltshire, Hampshire and Dorset to provide follow me services. We use Microsoft 365 (Office 365) applications and customisable workspaces with specific cloud based solutions as well as the integration of your PBX phone system, and will work with you to create a truly smart office and flexible working environment.

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The Silver Cloud Business Can Help Transform How Your Business Operates and Collaborates.

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