What nasty surprises are lurking in your mailbox?

Date: Nov 18, 2021

What nasty surprises are lurking in your mailbox?

Read on to find out how to arrange a FREE scan to see what is in your mailbox....

One thing that the pandemic has demonstrated is how sophisticated email attacks have become and how broad the threat vector is these days. A considerable number of these new threats have been able to slip through current email security, so people that think they are safe, may not be.

Another worrying trend is how many of these threats are still lying in people’s mailboxes, sitting there like unexploded bombs, waiting to go off.

We have recently worked with a client who had a very unfortunate incidence, hence this email because of what happened to them……

They searched through historic emails looking for a password reset message from a vendor so they could reset their password again. During the search they found an email that had been opportunistically send by someone phishing for passwords (and the email was a coincidence that they had the same vendor in it) The individual inadvertently clicked on a link in this malicious email, thinking it was legitimate and from the actual vendor they were looking for. The result was their username and password leaked to the hacker. The next thing they knew was getting called by some of their contacts asking why they were being sent invoices and had the business really changed their bank details.

The hacker tried to cover their tracks by deleting all emails they sent so owner of the mailbox wouldn’t see these in the sent items. It was only by luck that the first couple of recipients called to check otherwise things could have been a lot worse for this business.

The moral of the story is that you can see from the above incident that it is not good to have these potential threats sitting in mailboxes as they can become issues.

The Silver Cloud Business has partnered with Barracuda who offer comprehensive email protection. We are offering a full scan of your business email hosted in Microsoft 365 FREE OF CHARGE and we will generate a report highlighting all of the threats that are found.

This will scan every email and identify any threats that are lurking and that could potentially cause issues. The above incident shows that even if an email has been in a mailbox for months or even years going unnoticed, this doesn’t stop it being a threat to the business.

  • What have you got to lose by doing this?
  • Nothing, apart from a bit of time to go through the report and to remove any threats.
  • What have you got to lose by not doing this?
  • The potential of losing your business’ hard earned reputation and potentially losing customers to your competition which can be costly, and sometimes worse, fatal to the business.

If you would like to see what threats are in your company email, for free, call us on 01722 411999 and schedule in a free Microsoft 365 email threat scan and then we will spend time talking you through the report that is generated to explain how to remove the threats found.