Tech Tip – Adjust The Sound For Specific Apps

Date: Apr 1, 2021

Tech Tip –  Adjust The Sound For Specific Apps

If, like me, you are spending more time in online meetings in Windows 10 you have probably had different headsets to use during the calls but have you ever experienced the issue where the volume is too loud in the Teams or Zoom meeting and you would like to have control of the volume in the individual app?  Especially if the master volume doesn't seem to adjust the volume in your headset?  If you have suffered with this problem you are not alone and here is how to resolve it:

  • Connect your headset to the computer
  • Open the application you want to adjust the volume in (in my case Teams)
  • Open Settings (click start and select the cog wheel on the left hand side of the start menu)
  • Select System, then Sound
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the right hand window and under Advanced Sound Options select "App volume device preferences"
  • Use the slider bar to adjust the volume for the application you are using

Note: you need to be running the application for it to appear in the sound settings, if the application is not listed, open it and it should automatically show up in the settings list once it has launched.