Tech Tip – 3 Helpful Chrome / Edge Hacks

Date: Jan 27, 2022

Tech Tip – 3 Helpful Chrome / Edge Hacks

Here are 3 tech hacks for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge to help with improving searches that can be entered directly into the address bar:

Hack 1 - search for websites that are similar

e.g. type

  • This lists results that show similar websites to the Government (political) websites.
  • This can be used to list similar websites for any criteria used in the related search.

Hack 2 - search the contents of a specific website

Type what you want to search for and then use site: to specify the website to search

e.g. type Covid19

  • this will search the website for Covid19 and will return links to each page found but only on that specific site.

Hack 3 - Use the browser as a calculator

Type in the calculation

e.g. type 3*9/4.5

  • This will bring up a calculator on screen showing the result, which in the above example should return the answer 6 and you can use the on screen calculator for more calculations if need be